Looking for patterns

I’m looking for Fingerless glove (that is free) pattern for men.

What type are you looking for? Regular ones? Cabled ones (they have some nice ones for men). I just finished a pair of cigar gloves for my father. They have the top half of the thumb, pointer and middle finger free while the ring and pinkie are covered. I’m going to be making a pair for myself…and I don’t even smoke! They are so warm And functional.

Camila, You’ll find scads of fingerless gloves for men at Ravelry. Easy to sign up and belong to the group. Then type in what you want and you’ll see them right on the 1st pg. The one I like is free. Some are not.

Also, try this site, they have Loads of them…all free. You’ll even find the Cigar Gloves on this page. http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com/directory/mittens_gloves.php

Thank you.

Oh I love that site! There are also linke for free crochet patterns throught there on the home page.

I’d suggest checking craftfreely.com. They’ve got a nice selection of free patterns as well.