Looking for Patterns related to Chemistry


I wanted to do a scarf for my chemistry professor, but I can’t find some suitable patterns. (I’m not trying to get good marks, just wanting to try new things and be nice to people :D)
I thought of something related to chemistry, like molecules and such.

That thought came to me because I tried to design a pattern yesterday…

I already found a DNA helice pattern, but that’s more biology related.

So, I have come up with something, though it doesn’t really look good. Not really what I’m aiming for. But it’s only my second try, and I went a bit crazy with all the stitches :smiley:
The second, not so big chart is meant to be knit after the other one, before beginning that again.

Do you have any patterns that would fit?

Have you seen the DNA scarf, which reproduces the double helix? It may be closer to biology than chemistry, but it’s a beauty.
Picture and pattern here:

I saw this pattern - http://audm.wordpress.com/2008/03/11/heterocyclic-hat-pattern/ and was thinking maybe you could take a scientific name or something like on this pattern and extend it the length of the scarf? :shrug:

That’s what I was looking for, thank you so much !

Any tips for making it lacy? I was aiming for something lacy, since I only have lace weight yarn…

In fact that also was my major problem with the pattern, since somehow I have to make the pattern stand out, like a second color, but only in one color, in lace…
I would have enough ideas, but just don’t know how to put it into lace…

I wouldn’t think lace would work well with your intended idea. It just wouldn’t show up. You could do a lace edge though which would give it the feel of something more delicate if that is what you’re going for.

Hm,… I think I’ll just drop this project. It was an idea…
And I have more than enough other lace scarves to do, but thanks for your help :slight_smile: