Looking For Pattern

I’m looking for the Mary Maxim; Fair Isle Yolk Pullover pattern. The Mary Maxim website only distributes it with the kit. I am only looking for the pattern itself. If anyone has this pattern, please let me know. It’s white, with a blue fair isle pattern on the yolk. You can reach me at phoenixnovelist49@yahoo.com

It might help if you can post a link to the pattern so we can see what it looks like. Someone might have something very similar that you’d like just as much.

Also, try ebay.

I doubt if it’s available as a pattern only since they want you to buy the kit. You could contact the Mary Maxim site or the designer to find out for sure.

But if we knew which pattern it is, there may be another one very similar.

Is it this one?

Yes that’s the one
I called Mary Maxim, and emailed them; no help at all. I’m hoping that eventually they’ll put it out on their pattern web page. I looked on Ebay, but couldn’t find it.