Looking for pattern

I lost the pattern to this blanket. I cannot figure it out by myself. Could anyone help me? Thank you so much.

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That’s a really pretty looking blanket and a great example of a relatively simple repeat which looks stunning.


In the picture I marked up:
Red panel, stockinette, produced by knitting on the right side and purling on the wrong side.

Green panel, garter, produced by knitting on the right side and knitting on the wrong side.

Blue band, garter, produced by knitting on the right side and knitting on the wrong side.

Right Side. It looks like all stitches are knit on the right side of the fabric, this side that we are looking at. This will produce a mixture of stockinette and garter which is dependent on how the wrong side (the other side which we can’t see) is worked.

Wrong side. Made of sections of knit and sections of purl. Where stockinette is produced you need to purl the wrong side. Where a garter panel or garter band is produced you will knit on the wrong side.

There is a border on the outer edge which looks like 7 stitches of garter. You can count the stitches on your needle to check that there are 7 making this edging.
All rows will be K7 at the beginning and K7 at the end.

The stockinette panel looks like 8 stitches wide and 12 rows high. On the wrong side work P8.

The garter panel looks like 5 stitches wide. On the wrong side work K5.

So a wrong side row might be
K7 (for border), P8, K5 repeated across until 7 stitches remain, K7 (for border)
Repeat this on the wrong side 6 times to make the stockinette and garter panels. (12 rows total as the right side is also 6 rows).

Knit 3 rows on the wrong side to make the garter band right across.(6 rows total as the right side is also 3 rows)

This is really good pattern to practise reading your knitting . Look what is produced as you work each side and the effect it has on what comes out.

Hope this helps

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Thank you, thank you thank you
I really appreciate the time you took in writing this all out!

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You’re very welcome. I hope it means you can get back to knitting and enjoy the rest of the blanket.

I hope it all makes sense, it’s more of a description of how it’s done rather than actual pattern rows but hopefully this will get you on track.

Let us know how you get on.

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I think it’s called Sunny. (https://lifestyle.howstuffworks.com/crafts/knitting/free-knitting-patterns-for-baby-blankets2.htm)


Well, I am still having problems. I guess I need instructions roll by roll to get started. I should just put this down and go onto something else. I am 74 and getting to where I don’t always understand something. Thanks for your help anyway.

Sorry to hear you’re still struggling.

Did you finish the row you were half way through on the photo?
Do you want to post another pic with the beginning of the row stitches spread on your needle and I can try to give you the instruction to work it?

What about the link from Beth above? Was that not the pattern?

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Yes, I think I finished the row, but I remember doing the stitches as they were showing on the needle. Anyway, I will send you a picture later and I really appreciate you helping.

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Did you get those two pictures I just sent?

Photos came through perfectly and the blanket looks beautiful!

but you can see that I have already stopped with the block and started knitting my rose across, so I didn’t make the square big enough



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I’ve seen the pic now.

Do you know how to tink (undo knitting stitch by stitch so you don’t lose any stitches)? Here’s a video

If you can tink the current row where you have only worked a few stitches. Then tink 2 rows.
Then you should be back on track.
I’ll do my best to write out the pattern line by line to get you going again if that would help.

I know tinking back sounds dull but it can be quite meditative and therapeutic to take back control of those rows that have gone awry. And your blanket is worth it, it is going to be lovely.

Edited to say it may be only this partial row plus one full wrong side row that you need to tink. If you do that and post another pic we can work out what the next row is.
The link @Beth_Leatherman gave above is the correct pattern. Now that I can count the stitches more clearly it is the same pattern you have. We just need to get you back on track with it.

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Yes I can do that !!!
Thank you so much for all this help !

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No problem. Just post the new pic where you’re ready.