Looking for pattern of conifers

Hi. I just signed up with this site. I’m in the middle of making an afghan with autumn motifs. It’s entirely textured patterns–no two or more color patterns. I have all the motifs I need except for a textured pattern of conifers to be used on a strip running the length of the afghan. Can anyone help? I’m an experienced knitter and can handle patterns with complex texturing manoevres.

Thanks so much

Hi and welcome. At www.ravelry.com, free to join, a search on conifer yieldedthis. You can do more searching and see what else is available, as an experienced knitter maybe you might be able to take the patterns and adapt them?

You might also search for “pinecone” on ravelry and see if anything works for you. My other thought is that you might be able to use graph paper and adapt one of the color charts into a knit and purl motif. Or you could use Excel (with the columns shrunk down to squares) to do the same thing.

Hope this helps!

Welcome to KH! Here are a few, some more stylized than others

The trees themselves or is it cones you are looking for?

I am on dial up–searches are very difficult. But I will go to the library and try to find all the links that have been sent. And though I am an experienced knitter, I don’t have the level of skills to translate a two color pattern to texture. The trees are what I had in mine, though a cone wouldn’t hurt–I could probably combine the two in the strip. I MUCH prefer charted patterns over written–much easier to follow.

When I’ve “translated” a color chart to knits and purls, all I basically did was decide which “color” would be the purls (what I wanted to stand out) and which would be my knits (what needed to recede). Then I made small modifications to the pattern until it came out the way I wanted.

You might also look for designs using Christmas trees, since those are usually conifers.

Best of luck in your search!

So you want to make a strip to go along the long sides of an afghan? Would this be picked up from the side and worked out that direction, thereby requiring sort of short trees. Or… are you going to make it length-ways and sew it on, so the trees could be tall, but sort of skinny?

I’m going to knit the strip from top to bottom, so, yes, the trees could be tall, though the strip will be only about 8-12 inches wide and will have a little edge of garter stitch on each side.

I could also do small trees alternated with cones, if I can find a good cone pattern.

Yes, I could certainly do something as simple as this, but some of the patterns I’m using in this afghan (a vine and berry pattern, and an oakleaf and acorn pattern) have extremely sophisticated maneuvers built into them. I don’t have any trouble following them, but I could never develop them myself.

Thank you all for your help. I spent some time at the library yesterday, and was able to look at the links salmonmac posted. Two of them look good, one especially interesting. I searched myself with google, but actually found nothing other than the three salmonmac had posted. Nothing for pine cones at all except a stitch that mimicked the look of cones.

In any case, I can work with the two that look good.