Looking for pattern for childs hat

I’m a very basic knitter…knit and pearl only. I am trying to learn more but it’s a bit intimidating to me. I just finished my first beanie hat which used a really simple pattern. I’m now looking for a really simple pattern for childrens winter hats. Any ideas?

Can you knit in the round or do you want hats knit flat and seamed? You didn’t say what size… toddler or older child?


I hate the website for this one, but the hat is really cute.

These are knit flat and seamed.

I know how to knit in the round and for the hat I just finished, I learned how to use 4 double pointed needles to knit it. I need a pattern that will work for toddlers up to a 10 year old.

Oh okay, that helps. The first link I have there is a ribbed hat that fits various sizes. One nice thing about ribbing is because it pulls in it fits well on many sizes and and fits for a long time. The pattern is in a multiple of 4 (for the k2p2 pattern) and if you want to make it slightly smaller all you have to do is decrease in multiples of 4.

The second link is also knit in the round.

Here’s another. Says it fits an adult, but it shows it on a kid and with only 68 stitches I’d say it fits a kid much better.

And here’s a few pretty easy earflap hats if you are interested in those.


Don’t be shy about asking for help. It’s how you learn. :slight_smile:

Thank you SO much! Knitting is so much fun and I’m “trying” to expand my knowledge. hee hee

:thumbsup: And Welcome to Knitting Help!

Lots of children hats at lionbrand.

I’m making their panda bear hat right now http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/klsu-pandaHat.html?noImages=
It’s knit flat, but I switched it to in the round (you could leave it flat if you didn’t want to deal w/thinking about switching it - though it’s not hard to do). The added eyes/ears & nose are easy to do and will add to your confidence in knitting what looks more complicated but really isnt.