Looking for pattern for baby hat, mitts, booties in Moda Dea

Cutesie is what I have. I want to make my cousin’s 6 mo baby boy a hat, simple mitts, and booties. Tomorrow. :thinking: Any links? Nothing like procrastination! :rollseyes: Thanks in advance.

Since our knitting pattern central appears to be down, have to checked out the other links in this forum?


Here’s a bootie pattern, but I didn’t compare to see how the Mode Dea sized up gauge-wise with the Watercolors.


Tons more in the Infants section for hats too.

just for the record, i made one of those booties and had to frog it because it was sooooooooooooooooo tiny. couldn’t even get my finger in there very well :shock:

Good to know, brendajo! (hey, that rhymes!)

There are also lots of free patterns for baby stuff on the free patterns section of this site! I just saw one that had mittens for the whole family including thumbless mitts for baby.