Looking for Patriotic patterns

Ok- has anyone found a goldmine of these? Knit or crochet? I keep getting suckered by about.com. I only end up looking there and I_don’t_like_any_of_the_patriotic_patterns that they link to. Really. So, does anyone know of any…good (I know this is subjective) patriotic patterns. I guess at this late date, the smaller the item, the better. I’m not looking for heirloom items, just something I can make with the red, white and blue acrylic yarns I have already purchased.

Yes! I am lazy - I admit it!! I’m just hoping someone has a bookmark to pass along, not that anyone will go looking for me…


These look cute:



I saw a beautiful pattern for a flag blanket in a catalog (Knit Picks maybe?) but I think it was crocheted.

Good luck!

Cute! Thank you! I like the sock pin.

did you see this?

i made the 9x7 flag for another project that i was working on. just becareful not to make it backwards :rollseyes:

I did thanks - the only thing I liked was the Lion Brand scarf and afghan.

How about these?



Hey, I might (and I stress might) even be able to get this done in time


My sister gave me a stack of old knitting mags that she couldn’t bear to throw away. One of them is entirely patriotic–blankets, flags, everything red, white and blue. Of course, its from the bi-centennial! :smiley:

wow ingrid that’s cool!!! is there anything you can share?

Nuno, I think that’s a project that we both can complete. I started one last night (alas, I didn’t finish, but I will!)

I’m going to link this thread in the KAL forum, for the June challenge. Make sure to submit pictures! when you complete one!

My technology is limited as far as putting pics on, but if you PM me your address I’ll be happy to send you copies after I go back to work next week. BTW the book of 29 afghan patters cost $1.35!

oo, well, if the book is only 1.35 I might as well just buy it :slight_smile:

Good luck finding it! It was published in 1975!


I still like the Lion Brand patterns, but I don’t have enough yarn for or need a sweater or throw.

I like this flag pattern: http://www.home.earthlink.net/~mindseye2/resources/patterns/american_flag.htm

And these are small and look cute together: http://hometown.aol.com/lffunt/4thfridgies.htm

heh - I have pierced ears! - http://www.crochetmemories.com/archive/july4.html

Thanks [color=indigo]Rachel[/color]!

You’re welcome! :thumbsup:

Did someone metion these already?


I didn’t see a lion brand link…