Looking for opinions on banks in the New Jersey area


We are currently with B of A and have been with them since the late 90’s. When we sold our home in CA, we deposited the check into a new account here in NJ and until this last month, it has been fine. Then my husband sees a $20 “maintenance fee” tacked onto our savings account. So I called them and asked them about that, there was no fee for the last 5 months and I wanted to know why. Well, there was no fee because there was over $25,000 in there, then we paid our down payment and now there is less than that. There needs to be a balance of $25,000 to not have to pay the maintenance fee. I told her that we would start looking for another bank, one that would not charge us and her response was basically I’m sorry, goodbye. (we originally tried to get that a “No Fee” mortgage from B of A, but they jacked up our interest rate jumped up so high that we would not have been able to make the monthly house payments on a different house! And we have real good credit.) I guess being with a bank for 20 so years means nothing to them.

So, I was wondering what banks have you used here that treat the customers better than this or am I hoping for something that is not there anymore? I was thinking of Commerce Bank or PNC Bank.


Keep in mind that Commerce just got sold to another bank - I think one of the European banks just bought them.

I used to use PNC when I lived in Ohio and I thought they were OK but that was over 8 years ago. I work for a bank but I also have an account with Chase and really like them.


My bank Trust Company of NJ was sold to NorthFork Bank back in 2003. I was with Trust Co since 1992 and and stayed with them when they sold in 2003 so now I’m with NorthFork.

My checking account is the Sincerely Free checking. I orignally had an account that charged me a maintenance fee every month. One day, one of the customer service reps noticed I had been with the bank for close to 10 years at that time and had wondered why I didn’t have a free checking account. She closed my old account and opened a new one with the Sincerely Free option. I have had this account for about five years and have not been charged any fees. There are no fees attached to my savings account at that bank. NorthFork is not a bad bank as a matter of fact the customer service has improved. The bad thing is now they recently sold to Capital One and that company will be taking over sometime in March of next year so I don’t know what things will be like then.


I don’t really know about the NJ area. I just wanted to say that I’m not happy with Washington Mutual. I’m so tired of talking to recordings and then when you get a real person they can’t help you and no response to my emails so far.


hummingbird, if you hate getting recordings, check out this website:


it is a brilliant directory of how to bypass the recorded messages to talk to a real person at many, many companies.

if it works for you, tell someone else about it.