Looking for online yarn sales

Am looking for 99 cent yarns, or animal fiber yarn sales.
Llama, alpaca, under 3 dollars a skein.

anybody know of any online?

my lys has very little, at very high prices.

Hmmm. I don’t know about 99 cent yarn, but here are two sites that have discount yarns (and patterns):


It’s pretty hard to find a specific yarn on sale. Many times yarns go on sale because they’re being discontinued, or to make room for new inventory. If you’re just looking for scrap yarn for small projects, you should ask your LYS if they have a “bargain bin.” Often times the larger craft stores also have similar bargain bins. What I’ve noticed is that these are often novelty yarns rather than traditional yarns though.

One more suggestion on alpaca… I live in upstate NY and there seem to be a ton of alpaca farms/breeders popping up in my region. Sometimes they’ll sell their alpaca yarn at a more affordable price than if you purchased it from a retailer… somtimes not though.:wink:

Good luck.

Try www.smileysyarns.com.

If you are looking for natural fibers, Knitpicks is a great source. Most yarns are in the $2-$4/ball range. Also, WEBS (yarn.com) is having their year-end sale right now…there are lots of good deals to be had :thumbsup:

I know that both Michaels and Joanns is having sales on their yarns this week. I was at Michaels yesterday and got three skeins of Pattons Merino and some dpns for a total of $14, which isn’t too bad

Have you tried elann.com? I have quite a bit of llama/wool and alpaca from them. Their prices are pretty good and the shipping is super fast.

i bought some alpaca silk from this site. i’m knitting with it now. its like heaven to knit with. its soooo soft and silky at the same time. I’m making the Sarah’s shawl-collared cardigan from white lies design with it.

my other favorite place is on the yarn on the cone is www.colourmart.com