Looking for needles

I have a pattern that calls for 8" circular size US 6 needles. Does anyone know where I would find these. I have called local stores and looked on internet (checked under purlsoho.com) and no one seems to have less that 12 or 16". Thanks for any information on where I would find.

8 inch? wow thats very small, and i imagine it would be difficult to knit with.

If you cant find them, try using size 6 DPNs or a longer cable needle in magic loop.

What kind of pattern is it? I am wondering if it is a typo, because I don’t see how you could have a circular needle that short and be able to bring the tips together to knit in the round (???)

The pattern is to make fingerless gloves (or handwarmers) that is in a knitting book. Do not think it is a typo, but who knows.

Sounds like a rare call for needles of this size. I would definitely improvise and use either DPNs or Magic Loop method. You’d probably never have use for them again. Besides, with time you’ll spend trying to find/locate them, you could be knitting!

I did some searching and from what I found, Clover actually did make an 8" needle in small sizes (sizes 1 and 2), but they no longer make them.