Looking for Lushious Knitted shrug

HELP Knitters out there! Several years ago (before I knew what a shrug was) :aww: I was looking through a knitting magazine. I saw an ad showing a woman sitting and knitting. She was wearing a knitted white shrug that was done in a stockinette pattern with ribbed cuffs (turned up) and a ribbed collar. It looked to be knitted loosly in a mohair blend. The only pattern I have seen similar is lime green one on knitty.com (the second one listed after searching ‘knitted shrug’). I am not good at designing these days after having had a stroke…so I really need a pattern to follow. I hope any of you long-time knitters may remember that ad and can possibly help me find a pattern similar. I’m a little afraid to tackle using that pattern and changing the lace to st st myself. I don’t want anything complex and preferably as few seams as possible. Thats why I really like the lime green one on knitting but I don’t want lace. I have been looking for a long time. I hope you can help. I know for sure that if anyone can… you guys can do it! :woohoo: Thanks ahead of time.

This pattern came from Donna at Subversive Knits (they mostly have patterns for charity knitting).


Scroll down until you see the shrug. You could easily change from the seed stitch to any stitch you are comfortable with, using any yarn you are comfortable with.

A few other options

Thank you all SOOOO much. I will check these patterns out. I really like the one by Leef Bloomenstiel. Just would prefer st st.
Thanks again. Sharon

I like the Leef Bloomenstiel also. Especially as it has a collar, unlike some of the others. Thanks!

Here’s one from Lion Brand