Looking For Leaf Cardigan

I saw a Leaf Cardigan on the back of a British Knitting mag today, it was a little pricey for me so I didn’t get it. I searched Ravelry to no avail. It had the name of the author in the magazine, it was a very unusual name, but I’ve forgotten it. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I’ll know it when I see the author’s name.

Can you give us more info please…what was the name of the magazine and what did the sweater look like? Was it a single color design or more? Where the leaves on the whole thing or just a part of it?

It was on the back cover of a magazine, one of 3 pictures I think. I just saw it today at Michael’s so it’s still on the stand. It MIGHT have been the back cover of Yarn Forward. July 2009 issue.

The photo showed mainly the right sleeve, and it looked like leaves all over in a vertical fashion, but that’s hard to say because it showed so little of it.

I’m still searching for this, if anyone has this mag I’d REALLY appreciate knowing a name of a pattern or author to look for. I think someone told me it was pics for patterns in the next issue but I couldn’t locate it on Ravelry.


Brittish designer, Susan Duckworth does leaves a lot. (Intarsia and Fair Isle) You might search on Ravelry for her work, just to see. That is the only lead I have.

I found my post requesting this info on Ravelry at the time, it was

Leafy Cardi by Calista Yoo (Ravelry). From Yarn Forward Magazine No. 17, September 2009 yarnforwardmagazine.co.uk

That is one gorgeous leaf pattern. I can see why you wanted it!

Sure wish I was still thin!