Looking for knitting to use in a logo.

Hi there, we have a marketplace on our website for which we have been creating different logos. Currently we are working on a logo suitable for company that offer sweaters or clothes to there customers and we though how could we use knitting into all of this. To find how we could use create something that could be related to knitting or even has a yarn ball in it we have been doing our research. The best thing I have learned from all my experience is that it is better if you ask the professionals so that why I am here to ask you what do you believe we could use for a logo related to knitting?

Hi, I too have been wrestling with something for my webpage. I was looking for something that was two knitting needles with some knitting on attached by thread to ball of wool with the slack being made into my planned name knitting4kindness as it is all sold for charity. Black and white so I could print it off onto brown card parcel tags with how much each item has raised for charity and which one. I hope this helps

Hello and thank you for your answer, this was really helpful