Looking for knitting graph paper

Can anyone tell me where I can find knitter’s graph paper? Or can I use regular graph paper. On one of the KG shows, I thought Vickie H. said not to use regular graph, but I’m not sure. Any help is appreciated.

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Here you go :

Knitting Graph Paper maker


Woah, Jan, I never knew about that. I was buying Knitter’s Graph paper all along.

I didn’t even know they sell it! :teehee:

Well, I guess we’ve both learned something today, haven’t we? :rofl:

Here’s another online source for knitting graph paper.

I use this all the time. Very quick and easy.


In the Vertical Grid, enter your stitch count per inch (be exact…such as 4.25 or 3.75…doesn’t have to be round number) in ‘Larger’. Enter 0 in Smaller. In Horiz Grid, enter your row count…same as for above… in ‘Larger.’ Enter 0 in Smaller. This will print Landscape. If you want it Portrait, reverse your entries (row count in Vert, st ct in Horiz). If you need to chart/map over larger area than 8-1/2x11, print out several and tape them to form whatever size work area you need.

Select whatever color you want it to print. (Just click on Black, Red…whatever you like. I usually do gray so whatever I’m mapping will stand out.) Leave all other settings at default.