Looking for KNITTED Ballarina booties for baby's

Hi just wanted to know if anybody has free or to buy patterns for knitted ballarina booties for infants ??

my niece is having a little girl and she loves the ballarina shoes …

or does anyone know how to cover crochet to knit ??? i have a pattern

in this same forum i posted how i made ones from my friend shes 18 but she is in 5 different types of dance including ballet. So you can give that a look at if you would like. When you do you could also sub the long knitted ribbons for regular ribbon that can be looped on the sides of the slipper and sewed to make them stay on. If you want me to give you the needle size and ect please e-mail me and ill write better instructions to how to make them. The ones i made really did look sharp in fact i might be making more dance related knits.
Shawna “Gumdrop” :heart:

p.s. if you dont want them to look like performance ballet and like regular ones you could also just make the slipper portion then get the ribbon and make a bow.
Shawna “Gumdrop” :heart:

If you are looking for step by step instructions, here are some booties from 50 Baby Bootees to Knit by Zoe Mellor. It’s a fun book. I added the flowers, they aren’t part of the pattern, so if you leave them off they have a bit of a ballet look.

They are not as authentic looking as it sounds like the ones Shawna made were (Shawna, those sound great, hope we get to see a photo sometime!).

Mama Bear

Thank you both ,

mamabear i just saw that book … but i think i just got the picture of the knot shoes in there … hope fully they will work … :slight_smile: