Looking for "knit neck down" pattern

[U][/U]I’ve been knitting for many years - I’m 65 - but I’m looking for a toddler sweater pattern knit from the neck down with yarn-overs to create a yoke. I did one years ago, but can’t find the pattern. I’d like to knit one for a toddler, sz. 3-4, and if possible another for 5-6 and one 8-10. Can anyone help?


Please help.


This site has a sweater calculator.




I got these from www.knittingpatterncentral.com . I’m sure there are more. Some are cardigans, but I’m sure you can switch them up for a pullover.

If you don’t mind buying patterns there are some great ones at Knitting Pure and Simple.

if i were you, i’d sink my teeth into that sweater calculator. you would have limitless possibilities for sizes and wouldn’t need a bunch of patterns. :wink: