Looking for Knit baby ruffles pattern

Hi all, I am working on a pattern called knit baby ruffles. It is a shirt that is 3 layers of ruffles like the knitty monica but made with just ruffles. My kids ripped up the pattern before I could get the end of the first ruffle. I would look it up on the site but there is a site error and I can’t get to the pattern. If any one has it, I would love to have it. Please help!! I am desperate to finish this one. It is so cute!! Thanks, Amy

is this one a free pattern from Caron? if so then i have it, and so does my wal-mart, so i could get it and send it to you.

thanks for the offer. I am just going to adjust the knitty monica one so that it looks like the other pattern. Thanks again!


Is this it? http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Knitting/Projects/BabyChild/LW1545+Knit+Baby+Ruffles.htm

Thanks for looking for me. They finally fixed the site yesterday and now I can finish it. Yeah!