Looking for instructions

I have a stocking that someone would like the name changed on. I have to unravel it back to the name as it was knit into the stocking.

My issue is that I’ve not seen a pattern for a stocking like this before and was wondering if anyone had one - I’m really just looking for the instructions for the foot part.

Here is the stocking.


The foot looks like it’s made by increasing on both sides for the sole of the stocking, knitting even without increases or decreases for the area of the name and then decreasing on one side for the instep.
Can you tell if it’s made in the round or has seams on the sides?
The difficult part to me is that it looks like it’s knit from the bottom up. That means it won’t unravel easily.
What about using whits and blue yarn to duplicate stitch over the name?

It has a seam. I think the foot was care off using a Scandinavian style - and I only know that because no just saw a video!

Here are more photos of the foot. I’ve taken the name out and am attempting to pick up the stitches and reknit a panel over the opening that I can attach back.

Oh, very neatly done. That’s much easier than what I was thinking of doing.