Looking for ideas and suggestions

After quite a wait I received the extra yarn I needed to make long sleeves on this top which was for a short sleeved top.
I already changed the bottom of this, the pattern had a folded hem which I found to be too bulky and stiff and landed on a most unflattering part of my torso. So I undid the folded hem and replaced with a little picot edge which is quite nice although a little flared out.

I need to extend the length and looking for any ideas and suggestions of what might work.
I have both colours of yarn but not sure if the additional piece might be better in a single colour, perhaps grey.
I think I can pick up and knit (or purl) from the wrong side a little up from the bottom edge to create a kind of layer underneath for the extra length.

I also need it a little tighter or stretcher for the extra length rather.
Any and all ideas are welcome.

Here’s the top


I am not experienced enough to help with the technique required to give you the extra length, but I vote for more of the grey at the bottom in terms of composition and where the eye is drawn. What a beautiful top; I can’t wait to see what you decide for the finished project!


Very pretty. I love picot edges!

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This is lovely, I’d also vote for grey.

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I found this lovely sweater pattern which hS a double sleeve, short and long. This is the kind of idea I’m thinking of for the length extension. Although my edgenis Jo asnneat. Maybe better when it relaxes with blocking.

Thanks for the colour votes. I think grey too.
What stitch?
Maybe a slip 1 stitch?
A wide rib?