Looking for help with pattern (tea cosy pattern attached)


I am currently knitting a tea cosy from the following webpage:

I am having trouble with row 2 of the pattern. I have assumed that the stitches between the two asterisks ‘*’ are to be repeated, however, I end up with the wrong # of stitches left after completing the row (I end up with three stitches remaining, after the extra one for selvage).

When I start row 2, I have 60 stitches. I count eleven stitches between the two asterisks. ( yo = #1, k2 = #2,3, ssk = #4,5 & 6, k2 tog = #7, k2 = #8, 9, yo = #10, k1 = #11).

Would someone please let me know where I am going wrong?

No, it does work:

YO is #1.
K2 is #2, #3.
SSK leaves you with just 1 stitch-- you slip 2 stitches and then knit them together. So that’s #4.
K2 tog is #5.
K2 is #6, #7.
YO is # 8.
K1 is #9.

9 sts in the repeat, X 6 = 54.
The 3 stitches at the beginning and the 1 at the end makes 58.
Then there’s 1 stitch at each end which are the selvedges. That’s 60. :woohoo:

A yo doesn’t use a stitch, it adds one, and the dec uses 2 to make one. Just make sure you don’t knit an extra st after the YO; so you have only 2 k sts between the YO and ssk, not 3. SSK is slip 2 sts separately to the right needle, then knit them together, not slip 2 sts and knit the next one.