Looking for help with internet pattern


I posted in the other place about this pattern too. I am making the toddler version. If I can get em done fast, and I like I want to make em for my daycare kids for x-mass, maybe.

ANyway I am having a terrible time figuring out the decress for the top of the head. I knitt the 33, K2 tog and turned around and repeated the next two lines and got two nice drecresses, but on one side when I had stiches left, th other side and 14 left. I can’t figure out if I am doing it wrong or the patern had a miss print of numbers and I don’t know enough to figure it out on my own with out hours of math calcs. Please help. I already spent 6 days on this thing.


PS also I am woundering with this pattern, why do I have to cut the thread at the top and start to the right of the chin at the bottom for the ribbing on the face? Can’t I just start picking up threads at the top and work down?

It looks like you’re doing short row shaping on the top. When you do the k2tog tbl, one of those sts is on the left needle you haven’t worked yet and one is the slip st from the previous row. That will shape the top.

With the sts you pick up at the chin, you’re making the ribbing around the face opening. You could try picking up sts at the top from the last 14 sts, pick up along one side, knit the sts at the chin and pick up the other side. Could work.

I figured it out. I don’t know what the TBL means but by slipping only 1 rather than 11 it worked.


It means to knit through the back loop. When you knit a stitch, generally you knit in the front loop or leg; tbl twists the stitches a little.

You [B]are[/B] supposed to slip only 1 st, then k12 across and knit 2 tog. How did you see slip 11? :??

eta… That reads sl1, not s11, it’s an L not a 1