Looking for hat pattern

I just finished knitting this cowl http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter07/PATTtudora.html for a friend of mine, and I’d really like to make a matching hat.

I haven’t been able to locate any 4x2 ribbed hats to use as a base. I just need something to look at so I can figure out the decreases. Ideally the hat would start in 4x2 plain ribbing for a bit and then cables would be added all the way up to the top (so that it’s opposite of the cowl which has the cables starting on the bottom and finishes at the top with asymmetrical 4x2 rib).

Any help would be super appreciated!!!

(Btw I just spent about an hour going through 30 pages of hats on Ravelry :pout: )

Edit - I just realized that I cabled every section of 4… the pattern calls for every other section… oh well, I like mine better anyway :wink:

Figure out what the pattern is a multiple of. It looks like 12? How many you’d cast on depends on your yarn weight and needles.

Yeah, I’m thinking I could cast on 96 and work from there. I’m just not entirely sure how to work the decrease rows.

96 is a perfect number, you can dec 8 sts - k10, k2tog all around, knit a row in pattern, then k9, k2tog around, and keep repeating with 1 less stitch between the decs. Or p2tog if your dec sts happen to land on the purl rib.

Thanks so much!!! I’m going to cast on in a few minutes, hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be on the decreases :oD

I’m loving this Evan…will begin the cowl today, just printed it off. What a handsome-looking woman the model is. She has the hairdo I want, and asked for yesterday at my hairdresser, but came out looking like a shorn schnauzer!
I now need a very pretty hat pattern to cover it up until it grows back, something lacy and large. Off to search Ravelry.

If you do make a hat to match, please post pics, and share, plz?

I like your tastes in knitting.

As soon as I finish the hat I’ll let ya know what I did… it’s going a bit slower than planned due to a bazillion errands I had to run today lol!

I also LOVE that cowl pattern, I’m just hoping my friend appreciates the ‘chic’ look of it :o) As soon as I block it and get a fun button I’ll post some pictures!