Looking for good lowfat recipes

I want to lose 15 pounds before the holidays get here and I am on the look out for some good recipes that are low in fat but don’t taste lowfat if you have any good ones you could give me it would be greatly appreciated.I will be turning 30 in January and it seems like my metabolism has just decided to stop.

I’m not giving a specific recipe, but I use to get cooking light magazine and every recipe I made from it was very good.

You can make many “regular” recipies lower fat but just cutting out fat (or using lower fat options, ie cheese, sour cream, etc)and substituting more flavor with herbs and veggies.

Hungry-Girl.com has lots of recipes that adapted to make them lower fat/calories.

I bought the cookbook [U]Eat, Shrink and be Merry[/U] in August and I absolutely love it! The recipes are all amazing, everything I have made I would make again (not normal for me!). All the recipes are low fat and high in fiber. I don’t use any other cookbooks now, I just sit down with this one at the beginning of the week and figure out my meal plan and that’s it! The food definitely doesn’t taste like low fat either, it’s all really flavourful. Honestly, just take a look at it, it’s the best!

I think it is great you are going to try to eat healthier!:cheering:

I agree with the comment about cooking light–good resource there.

For food you don’t have to prepare yourself–lean cuisine has good options, and weight watchers has snacks and frozen items that are really pretty good.

But seriously, don’t forget the exercise-- you’ll lose the weight faster be being more active. I have been using the “walk away the pounds” videos in combination with dieting.

Just 2 cents from someone whose lost 24 lbs and counting since the end of May.

Southern Living has a light and healthy section on their website, also check out weightwatchers.com

I quit smoking in March and started working out and dieting July/August…Lean Cuisine is my friend :wink: (I’m turning 40 in April)

A good website for recipes is www.recipezaar.com They have recipes for every type of diet and they are rated…I’ve tried quite a few and I am seldom disappointed…hope that helps!

Some standby’s for my husband and I are stir-fry, pizza, and soups made at home. They all make excellent left overs for lunch or dinner a second night.

By making stir-fry at home I can control the cut of meat and oil. I use lots of veggies, terriyaki soy sauce, lean chicken, and serve it over brown rice or oriental noodles.

Pizza - make the crust at home and again you control the amount of oil used and you can add whatever toppings you want. I prefer veggies like cooked spinach, broccoli, onions, peppers and mushrooms. The hubby prefers the pepperoni (at least making it home I can control the amount of pepperoni and throw in some onions and peppers)

Soups - take things you like and throw them in a pot !! I know that’s not a whole lot of help. I really like cooking and only use recipes as guides so a lot of times I just start throwing things together.

I find my diet crashers are the snacks I eat between meals so for that I keep my desk stocked with applesauce and raisins.

best of luck