Looking for good knitting needles

I am looking to purchase circular combo set. I like the bamboo needles and since I am a pretty new knitter I have all kinds. The bamboo seem to be my favorite. I am going to buy myself a Christmas present and I see the Takumi Bamboo Combo set looks very nice. It comes with size 3 to 15 and 5 cord lengths 16" to 48". My question to anyone is, Is This A Good Thing? Do the interchangeable needles work well? I sure would appreciate someone helping me…I just need to have sizes I need and buying a new needle everytime I decide to do a new project is get expensive and living in a rural area I don’t have access to stores…
Thank you

One of my friends has the Takumi circulars and likes them. I like my Knitter’s Pride Dreamz needles.

I use circular needles for everything now. I actually have about 3 sets 2 metal sets, 1 wood so I usually never run out and have both metal and wood for various yarns. :teehee:

Wow, Jan… I feel so hard done by now with my measly one set! How I love my Addies! Tho’ sometimes I wish I had more cord sizes to choose from. Darn! I think it’s time I did some post Christmas shopping… ! HeeHee!

:teehee: I actually purchased 2 full sets (over the years) and the third may or may not be full because it was purchased piecemeal. Both sets work well with the same cables so I’ve got tons of them. :thumbsup:

Hi I have never used interchangable needles and never will because they don’t make stuff like they used to. Some people on facebook swear by them because the bamboo ones supposedly help with arthritic people, but I have arthritis in both wrists and all fingers, radial nerve damage in my left hand and I can still push out reasonable stuff.

I only use 40 cm or 16 inch ones for neck bands and prefer 60 cm or 24 inch for everything else. I find the 80 cm 32 inch too cumbersome, they press against my chest annoyingly and I am a thin male and hence do not have breasts (please don’t be offended)

I would always be worried that the interchangable things would fall apart and the work I do, you do not want to drop stitches.

However I just use sizes from 3.75 to 6 mm now because I can’t use anything smaller, and since I have all the needles I need they would be a waste of money to me.

But they are good (I have heard if you do a variety of different stuff)