Looking for full-size afghan pattern


Hi everyone,

I’ve been looking all over for a full-size afghan pattern, but everything I find seems to be lap-blanket size (around 42x58in).

I’m looking for a beginner-ish level pattern - can’t do cables yet, but I’m up for some challenges. I’ve done two lap blankets so far - this was the last one I made: http://www.freepatterns.com/detail.html?code=FK00044&cat_id=365&source=FCBKPPK
Loved seeing the design emerge - is there anything similar out there, but larger?

One note: I’d like to use circular needles; I do not want to have to sew panels together.




Update: looking at patterns, I realized I can also do intermediate as long as there are no cables involved!


Have you checked Ravelry (free to join)? There are pages of possible patterns to look through:
The Tree of Life afghan is one I’ve made and it’s fun to knit:

Chevrons are fun to work and very good looking. Put chevron into a Rav search for afghans.

So is feather and fan (old shale):


Thanks for the suggestions! It’s funny, I had been looking at that Tree of Life afghan for a while and thinking “someday, when I’m better at this …” It’s such a beautiful pattern, but it does require cable knitting.
So anyway, you’ve inspired me - I’m going to watch some YouTube videos, teach myself to do LC and PRC and M! and togb - or at least, I’m going to try - and then tackle that tree.
Stay tuned for gory details of the experience!


Ah, you’re right about the cables in the Tree of Life. I forgot about that. They’re really not difficult to work but they do look impressive. Trying the stitches out on a swatch is a wonderful idea.
We’ll certainly stay tuned.


I have a pattern booklet called “Done By Monday Afghans”. It’s published by Plymouth Yarn. It has 15 patterns for simple to intermediate afghans. And only 1 of them has cables!!! Each of them uses size 13 circular needles and 2 strands together.

I bought this at a local yarn shop but u might be able to find it on Amazon or something.



Are you looking to work in a specific weight of yarn? Two I have in my library that are simple but elegantly gorgeous are Westport and Where the Sidewalk Ends. Probably not going to be much of a challenge other than the size. They’re both super bulky, but I plan to do them in worsted when the time comes.

Bounce might give you some nice challenges with the lace stitches. You don’t have to do the color changes if you don’t want. Tin Can Knits patterns are great for beginner or new to stuff because she explains a lot in them and has good tutorials to go with them. The pattern is for stroller size, but she points out that you can increase the size by repeats of 12 stitches.

Which takes me to the question of how comfortable you are with math. Any afghan can be made wider than the pattern calls for as long as you can work out the stitch counts and longer by increasing panel length or adding panels. (And I started to explain the entire math thing but it got too long and boring. :slight_smile:)

Ooo - found this one - Bird Song. The branches are done with applied i-cord, it seems, which might be an interesting challenge.

(I’m fascinated now by how few knit non-seamed blankets are like the one you made with different panels of stitch types. I might just have to design one!


Westport and Where the Sidewalk Ends are beautiful - I can see them in my future. Thank you!

My first thought was, if you’re going to do them in worsted - which I think will make those patterns look even nicer - how would you know the number of stitches to increase, & where & how, to make it come out the same size?
That’s where the math comes in, as you noted - and no, I’m not at all comfortable with that. But if I can figure it out, as you noted, that will allow me to expand some beautiful baby-blanket patterns into afghans.

So, I was already planning on watching YouTube videos to teach myself cable knitting; I’ll have to follow that with online explanations of math for knitters. The knitting itself turns out to be the easy part …


Thanks for an excellent tip! I found it on Amazon, Ravelry, and quite a few other sites - I think it’s so popular because the patterns are really nice.


I like these afghans because they are easy BUT they still look nice. They also could work for baby blankets if u use 1 strand of yarn and size 9 or 10 needle.



The math thing isn’t that difficult for a simple pattern like Westport, etc., even when changing yarn weight/gauge. There aren’t multiple stitch patterns to navigate, so there’s one entire bit of math you don’t need. You just increase the number of stitches you cast on by how ever many pattern repeats give you the width you want. It’s a simple equation involving your gauge, the width and number of stitches in the pattern repeat.

And of course, we’re always here to help you with the calculations if you have a specific blanket in mind you want to make bigger!


Just an update: Cables are no problem now! Recently finished the Lion Brand Lover’s Knot Afghan. Next on my list is bobbles … stay tuned.


Exquisite. You could teach a master class in cables now!


I’d rather sit in on a class taught by you. But mastering a difficult skill is a great feeling, whether in knitting or anything else.