Looking for friendly knitters :)

hey you guys.

i’m new to this website but as soon as i saw it . . . i almost went into shock. this website is my favorite!
right now, i’m knitting my second sock ever. i just finished my first one yesterday. i was so happy! :hug: i was trying to convince my sister,14, of how cool it was to actually make a baby sock, but she was like whatever.
so i’m just trying to find a few friends online who knit cuz i don’t have any one in my family who knits. my mom used to but she doesn’t have time anymore. and interestingly enough . . . my brother-in-law knows how to knit and crochet but he doesn’t do it as a hobby. my sister (his wife) couldn’t knit a garter stitch scarf if her life depended on it. :slight_smile:

by the way, i’m 15 years old. that’s why i’m looking online for anyone else who knits. it’s so hard to find friends who knit who are my age. although my sister(14) does know how to crochet like me but she’s not really into it. and i taught my two best friends how to knit but one is too busy right now (she’s my neighbor) and the other one goes to another school. so yeah. i’m just looking for a couple of people to share my knitting ideas with and just have a friendnly conversation.

any takers? :slight_smile: xxx