Looking for food patterns

I’ve recently made a cob of corn toy that I gave to my niece. It was so much fun, I’m looking for more! Nothing specific; desserts, vegetables, etc. (:


I recently ran across a book, which I SO need to buy called “Knitting Never Felt Better”, by Nicky Epstein it has TONS of knitted food items that you knit and felt. This book is also just a FAB guide on felting, you might want to check it out!

Wow, that sounds perfect! Is it all sorts of foods or just a specific type?

definitely mainly fruits and vegetables…I do remember corn and a banana, I want to say there were grapes, too…there were at least 10-20 different food items. I’m sorry, it has probably been a month since I looked through the book at my LYS…

Here’s a few:

This site has some food patterns under the Knitting Novelty section.

Knitting Pattern Central has several patterns.

Knitted Pie Pattern,

Japanese Knitted Food. The site is in Japanese, but the pictures might provide some ideas.

Garden Variety on Magknits.

Piece of Cake pattern.

An eBay listing,

Knitted wedding.

Knitted cupcake.

http://kimberlychapman.com/crafts/knit-patterns.html has tons of fun stuff including food and a DNA model.

Jean Greenhowe has really cute toy food.Picnics,ect.

agree with Sharlykestoknit…i have the pattern book…cool…

ah, i always love japanese creation…i think i’m going to buy their knit books…the untranslated is usually better (if not the best)…i really dont know what’s in their mind but as far i see, their crafts are different…unique…
i have japanese flowers crochet pattern…very-very beautiful…
but i still have to learn how to read picture illustration in knitting…japanese uses this way not ‘word’ pattern…they did with crochet…:zombie::zombie::zombie: