Looking for Flamingo Sock pattern

Does anyone have a pattern for socks with flamingos on them?

One of the ladies I’ve worked with for well over 20 years now is an absolute nut about flamingos and I would love to make her a pair of socks!

I’ve done a couple of searches on the internet and found a few patterns, but they look a little more complicated that I wanted. I might be able to “tweak” them, but I was hoping maybe someone had a pattern that was already tried and tested.

Can you help me out?

Renee in Spokane

I couldn’t find a sock pattern…but I did find this…it’s not socks but is something she might enjoy… You might be able to graph out a Flamingo and put it on a pair of socks for her :thumbsup:


I found this one.

ohh thanks for that link…I like those dragonfly socks :woohoo:

Thanks, Marilyn! I had actually found those socks and was thinking of getting the pattern if I can’t find anything else. Or maybe I can be sneaky and use the picture as a jumping off point to graph my own flamingo!