Looking for Felted Bag Pattern

I know another request for a bag :rollseyes: :teehee:. Well I’d like to make a “felted” bag but i can’t seem to find a pattern for the kind of bag i’d like to make. Here’s a picture of how i’d like it to look with or without the flap. The bag in the picture is a very small bag (about as big as 2 or 3 decks of cards). I like the shape of it but would like it to be bigger. If it weren’t felted i’d just wing it and try to figure out the number of stitches and such but I don’t know how to do that with felted projects because i know you need to accomodate<–sp? for the felting. Thanks

Try here

the Amanda’s squatty sidekick from knittingdaily is similar, but with a smaller flap

I’m making it now so I’m not sure how big it will be after felting.

Thanks you guys:muah: