Looking for Fair Isle Christmas stocking patterns

Hi Everyone!
I lost my knitting pattern for two Fair Isle Christmas stockings. I think they were in an old “McCalls Needlework and Crafts” magazine. Or they may have been in the special Christmas edition of “Woman’s Day” or “Family Circle.” I made the first ones in 1975, so they were probably in the 1974 or 75 Christmas issue. The stockings are very large and there are two versions. One has a large reindeer on it with small snowflakes, knitted in red, green and white, and the other has “paper doll” children holding hands and large snowflakes, knitted in red, blue and white. I have a new son-in-law and I need to make a stocking for him before Christmas! HELP!

Have you looked through these? They have some cute patterns. The same site can link you to charts as well, that you could add to a stocking.

I think you forgot the link, Ingrid. :teehee:

Maybe one of these will inspire you? You could always change the pattern if you’re good at that.



These patterns are $6, but they are so nice!



Hi Ingrid!
Thank you so much!!! One of the stocking patterns is the same finished size, the number of cast on stitches is the same and the toe and gusset look the same! I already made a chart from the other one and this should help me with the gusset and toe. Thanks so much!!!

Thank you Jan!
Some of these patterns are a little different than the one I need but I do like them! I bookmarked them for future knitting!!! Thank you!

Browsing through today. (3 years later) I can email your pattern if you still need it! Keri

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Thanks. jenniferehinger at gmail
My grandma made those for us. I’m born in 1974!! So cool!

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I made those stockings many years ago and would love to have a copy of that pattern again! Can anyone help??

Am trying to get this pattern. Can anyone help?


That is the exact stocking that i want to make. I have pictures of them, but no pattern.