Looking for Fair Isle chart for mit-style potholders

I’m knitting a set of potholders for a friend whose kitchen is reds, golds and greens. I’d really like to make a mitten style one with some fair isle flowers or something. Does anyone have a pattern or link to a chart? I’ve done a LITTLE fair isle in the round before, so I’d like to stick with that.

Oh–I’m also planning to FELT them, so it would have to be something that won’t disappear if felted.

Thanks in advance!:hug:




Here are some.

Thank you SO MUCH, Ingrid!


Thanks, Marilyn,
That’s the pattern I’m using! I’d love to add a few rounds of fair isle flowers or something to the mit. I’ve already got one potholder done. I did the outside 7 rounds in red, then 4 green rounds, then 2 red rounds, then 4 gold rounds, then finished in red for the center. Looks really nice, if I do say so myself! Of course, I’m almost out of red, so I’d like to make the mit with mostly green or gold with some fair isle in the other colors.