Looking for Elephant/butterfly/moose etc pattern

Last night I was looking for a baby sweater pattern to make for a second cousin due to be born in March.
As I was “surfing” I came across a website that had sweaters that were children pullover crew necks.
They either had elephants (the one I want) or butterfly, moose, daisy, truck (I think) on each of them.
The sweaters were all pictured on one page and you could click on them separetely to get more information on each one.
OF COURSE, something happened to the computer, I lost:waah: the page and I could not get back to the website!
I have googled, etc and I can’t find it.
The site was not a big well known, like Lion Brand or Webs etc. I have the feeling she is a designer and has her own site.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?
I would be sooooo grateful for any leads, because I know my daughter in law would love the elephant one for my new 16 week old grandson!

Please help!!!:pray:


I found this, but since I don’t see an elephant it’s probably not it. :think:


Just go into your history from the day you were on puter (yesterday) click each site you were on and it will come up, thats how I findthings when my puter crashes on me

how do you do that?
Thank you!

That is so close! It is a site just like this one! This is a good one too, but doesn’t have the elephant… like you said.
Also the one I found, and lost, I loved that elephant, it was perfect for a little boys sweater!
Thank you so much for trying!

I found it!!!:woot:

I figured out how to go back in history and then it didn’t come up for yesterday, so I figured I was out of luck…but then I figured what the heck and clicked on “Today” and up it popped:


Thanks so much!

Congrats on re finding the page. I really hate it when I find something and then loose it. This only happens when its something I really want to save or do.

That elephant is soo cute, I can see why you would want it.

Oh that is cute! I don’t know why it didn’t show up on Ravelry when I put elephant pullover because that is the exact name. Huh.

Here’s another link with just Roo Designs and all her patterns. They are adorable!

Those look so cute…but can anyone tell me if they have knitted one of them and how it came out?

The patterns look as though the arms are really short, so I am wondering if they are ok when knitted up?

My Grandson would love the dinosaur one. :slight_smile:

I think they are probably fine. The few I saw on kids on Ravelry were the proper length. It’s easy enough to make the sleeves longer though if you needed to.