Looking for easy shawl pattern

Hi. I am new to knitting with different stitches. I am currently working on the “branching out” lace pattern scarf and actually get it!!! I would like to make a shawl quickly and easily with some sort of very see-through pattern to it. It can be very simple. I would like it to be either triangular or a small rectangle so that I can finish it in a short time. I would love to work with a silvery glittery yarn so that it will look a bit fancy but still be able to see the lacy design. Please send me links to patterns preferrably with pictures. I would really appreciate any help. Thank you all so much!!!

This site has lots of free patterns to look through.

:smiley: cozy from Knitty is cute :wink:

I just did this one and it took no time and was very simple

I haven’t knit [http://www.berroco.com/194/194_zeta.html]this shawl from Berroco, but it looks right up your alley, and it uses a pretty white metallic yarn.

thank you all… I have found a pattern from a site you suggested and have begun… it seems to be turning out well and I know my friend will be very pleased with it. thank you!