Looking for -easy- beginner baby pattern

Well… here’s my predicament. I’ve never finished knitting something, because I always screw up! I gave up for a few months because I was feeling a bit disheartened.

Well a friend of mine’s wife had a baby girl, and I really want to make her something! I don’t want to do a blanket or sweater or hat since summer is coming up…She’s nearing on two months now.

Anyone know any super easy patterns?


How about some baby wash cloths and/or toys?

BTW…even summer babies need blankets. It can get chilly indoors with a/c. :wink:

Awesome! Thanks!

Haha oops…that does make sense :oops:

EDIT: I think I’m going to try the baby towel in pink…then embroider her name on the hood when it’s done :smiley:

Hoping I’m not biting off more than I can chew!