Looking for DPN

Can anyone recommend a good place to buy double-pointed needles (preferably bamboo)? I tried bambooknittingneedles.com but was unable to successfully navigate their site through the check out process (I believe they’ve got a glitch).

I looked at KnitPicks, but they don’t have anything larger than size 3 or 4–not helpful as I need sizes all the way up to 9!

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

I like the Clover bamboo DPNs. I got mine at Joanns or Michael’s, but they probably have them at Walmart or Hobby Lobby type stores, too.

Beware of buying cheapo ones…I got some from China and they aren’t near as good as the Clover.

Here’s a few online sources as well. I think they come in two lengths so watch that.

I thought Clover was pretty good, too. They were the ones I used before I got my Knitpicks Harmony Wood interchangeables.

Thanks so much for the recommendations!

I ordered some Clover needles yesterday–and some yarn. Sounds like I just needed an excuse to buy some yarn, huh? Maybe I did and maybe I really needed those DPNs, too!