Looking for display advice

I made some stitch markers in addition to scarves, soaps & lotions for my son’s school bazaar. I am looking for some advice. I am not sure how many people in my small town actually knit & would know what a stitch marker is for. There are a lot of knitters around the area, so hopefully people would buy them for gifts, which is actually what the bazaar is for(gifts). I was thinking maybe I should have one in some knitting or maybe a picture of some in a piece of knitting. What do you all think?

I would knit up a few rows and place stitch markers on a circular needle. Nothing attracts us knitters more than pretty yarn and shiny stuff. :wink: And then be prepared for people to want to use them for earrings, right foldedbird?

Those are gorgeous, Christine! Wow…
I agree with Sara; knit up some yummy yarn and place the markers to show folks what they’re for.

:shock: Must…have…shiny…things… :shock:
These darn stitch markers are everywhere I look. That’s it, I’m making some.

Christine, they’re BEAUTIFUL!!

I agree…displaying them on a circ with an eye-catching color yarn would be awesome!

I’ll um, fourth that? Hehe… yes, do display them in some knitting. Also, I think it would be a great idea to have earhooks and jumprings on hand if folks would like to turn them into earrings. Or, you could have a spool of leather cord on hand and turn them into necklace charms… charms for bracelets, etc. The possiblities are just about endless… Of course, you’ll be wearing one of your charms on that leather cord, too.
If you have someone come up to your table and ask what they are (after they read the label) and they say “Ohh, I don’t knit” do NOT say “Ah, I’m sorry…”. Say "That’s quite alright, I’d be happy to turn these into a necklace for you. This set right here really goes with your lovely outfit…"blah blah blah. Help her put it on…then she’ll be a walking advertisement the rest of the show…her friends will say “Oooh where did you get that?”. She’ll say “Oh well that lady over there made it…can you believe she was nice enough to do that for me?”

ALSO… have your supplies ready, and be working on new product while your there. This makes you look interesting. People will walk over to see what you’re up to. Then they’ll see, wow she made that just like that, how cool…etc.

Hope this helps!

That’s a great idea, i was thinking of bringing the earhooks last night.

If I were there I would want to toouch everything. Make sure there’s anough stuff to touch. Cuz if there’s one of me there’s prolly a lot more. :shock:

Oh and your stuff is really purdy :cheering:

Mirrors are a good idea, too!

Those are just BEAUTIFUL!!! :heart: :heart: I have lost all my stitch markers…but they were just plastic rings. I now use string…but like someone said…sparkly AND knitting???

all are great ideas!!!

Ok Feministmama…

I just started reading again, so if explained before…can you direct…but if not…how come sox for Mike Rowe??? :slight_smile:

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