Looking for discontinued yarn

I’m new to knitting and I’ve been working on this scarf for a while it’s my first one and I’ve ran out of yarn and I’m only halfway done. Im currently scouting the internet for it but if anyone has it or knows where I can get more please let me know! I didn’t know to take pictures or write down the names but my friend thinks it could be lions brand homespun yarn. Any help would be appreciated!

Unfortunately without a name we probably won’t be able to match it. What size needles are you using so that can give us an idea of yarn weight?

It doesn’t look like Homespun to me, but maybe someone else can tell. I know you don’t want to hear it, but a couple ideas… rip it out and get another yarn and alternate the two so you end up with stripes. Or you could just add a contrasting color on the end and call it a design feature. :slight_smile:

Where and when did you buy it?

One of these yarn? https://www.evuin.com/products/1ball-x50g-rainbow-wool-yarn