Looking for crochet help

This site has wonderful videos for how to knit, but nothing on crocheting. Does anyone know of any websites that have good quality crocheting videos???

Yes, we do. Try:

This will give you a beginning and there is always Utube (spelling).

Here are some other sources:


[B]Photos or Drawings:[/B]


I luv this lady: http://www.youtube.com/user/tjw1963

If you have a specific pattern question, you can tell us the pattern and your question.

And don’t forget Hooked On Needles! Just click ‘crocheting’ on the sidebar and see all the goodies waiting there for you!



Mary Grace, I’m hurt :sad: that You didn’t read my post…

Oh Jack, you know I would never overlook you! :hug: I DID indeed read your post! I just thought I would add my own shameless plug for my site! Shame on me! :aww:

Funny thing is that I don’t usually pick up on seeing my own website name written out like that…kind of like trying to dial your own phone number if you don’t usually call it.

Thanks so much for suggesting Hooked On Needles!