Looking for color suggestions

Hi everyone,
I’d like to knit the afghan shown, but with colors that are less dreary.
Would you be able to suggest two other colors to use?

Well obviously personal preference has a lot to do with it but me personally…I would do either two shades of the same colour such as a main colour of bright blue with a contrasting colour of navy blue or vice versa or two completely different colours (one dark, one bright) such as a dark grey for the main colour and a fuschia pink or bright blue for the contrast colour

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Oh this could be fun. Like lemon yellow and lime green?

Sports team colors like Black and Gold (go Steelers).

So many possibilities…

Whenever I am stuck for colour choices I look at birds or butterflies - the animal kingdom is full of brilliant (and sometimes counter-intuitive) colour combinations.

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Love the idea of two shades of the same color - thanks!

I like the way you think!

I hadn’t thought of that - but it may just offer too many options!bird


With so many choices, you might be tempted to make more than one afghan.


You read my mind!

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love the look of it… very mission/frank lloyd wright… what’s the pattern (name, designer, etc)? thanks! :wink:

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Grey with cream.

Oh, Dark green and beige. I have the yarn, just need the pattern. Would you please tell us where we can find it?

Sounds nice! The pattern is free on the Lion Brand website - here’s the link: http://www.lionbrand.com/knitting-pattern-mud-cloth-inspired-afghan-1.html


How about Charcoal and Mustard? Mustard colors are popular these days…and come in all shades…if you can shop in the real world, you’d probably find them…even online. Have fun!!


I mentioned mustard and charcoal earlier…thinking more, I find the mustard and denim mix to be gorgeous. ((: Caron makes a big cake in those two colors but added a white, also…self striping…but, looking at it would probably give you an idea of how the first two would look together.

I like that idea - I’m making an afghan in a solid denim color right now, and I love it. I can see mustard adding just the right tone. Thanks!

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