Looking for classic 1950s cardigan pattern

I would like to find something similar to J. Crew’s Jackie cardigan. It can be seen here:

Does anyone know of a pattern for a cardigan like this? I would prefer a free one, if possible, with waist shaping.

Thanks in advance to those who respond with ideas.

Here’s a few free you can probably work with.


Knitting Pure and Simple has some with classic lines in heavier yarn, but you’d have to buy one. :shrug:

These do cost, but they are the real thing, have fantastic selection and they have incredible customer service: www.ivarose.com

I am emtranced with that site! Could spend too many hours just wandering. Unfortunately old enough to remember some of those '30’s and '40’s styles.

There is a similar one here with waist shaping although there is a giant chart on the chest you can choose to ignore.You would also have to extend the arms,but I personally love 3/4 cardigans and have a ton.

Here’s one that’s entirely different but very period appropriate(so I plan to make one!).