Looking for CANADIAN online yarn sources

I’m in Canada, and quite frankly the yarn selection in my town is quite LAME. I’d like access to a broader selection of yarn, but buying from American source online stores nearly kills me with the exchange rate and the enormous shipping costs (which, BTW, are ridiculous…for example, it cost a friend of mine in Texas about $3 to send me a 400 page HARD cover book…gimme a break when they charge $10US to send a couple balls of yarn :rollseyes: ) ANYWAYS…

I’m not a very talented web searcher so if any of you expert googlers are up for a challenge, could you try to search out Canadian yarn sources for me, who preferably deal in Canadian dollars.

Thanks muchly!!! :pray:

www.fourseasonsknitting.com is one I’ve dealt with very successfully, but I’m not sure if her selection is what you want.

Isn’t www.elann.com Canadian, also?


I’ve ordered from there before. Nice place.


I’m not positive if they are based in Canada, but they have both the US and Canadian flag on their home page. A couple of people on the board have purchased from them and been happy. VERY good prices!

www.yarnforward.com has a place to click for Canada, too. I’ve dealt with them and like them a lot.

Thanks for posting this KnitQueen…I’m in the same boat as you, struggling to find DECENT online Canadian stores. I just find that the selection up here isn’t as good as all the US online stores. Occasionally I find some good stuff on ebay, otherwise I brave the shipping and customs charges just to get nice yarn from the states.

I just got my shipment from www.knitwerx.com which is also in Canada. Good prices, got my yarn promptly and a nice note from the owner.

I came back to this thread expressly to recommend Knitwerx as a great site in Canada. As it is, I’ll second Kemp’s recommendation.

Thanks all! Some of those sites look really great! I like knitwerx a lot. Wish someone had free shipping though :wink: .

If anyone finds more, I’d love to see them!