Looking for buttons in the UK

I am making a baby cardigan and want some cute bottons to go on it. The cardigan has a skull and cross bones motif and is in red with the detail edges and button bands in white.

Does anybody know where i can buy baby-friendly skull or skull and crossbone shaped buttons in the UK or deliverable to the UK?

alternatively does anybody have an alternative sugestions for buttons?


I think that sweater sounds adorable. I only found one place on the internet to get skull and crossbone buttons. I believe they do ship to the UK.


thanks for looking SunshinesMom. unfortunately they are skull and cross bones pins (the type which is a flat disk with a small safety pin on the back) and what i am after is the sort you sew onto clothes to act as a fastener.

Oops! My bad. How about this?


If you wanted to be really creative you could make your own buttons. There are several web site dealing with dorset buttons but I knew them as buttons which my mother showed me how to make:

There are others which are more creative but this will give you the general idea.