Looking for beginner knitting pattern for a man

Hi, My name is John, and I am a 58 year old man that took up knitting after developing dropsy on my right hand. Suffice to say It got better after a couple of weeks knitting.

I have a glut of hats and scarfs and would like to do something different, and thought about doing a vest, and was wondering if anybody knew a beginners pattern for a man

(btw I tried looking for a way to introduce myself in the appropriate forum, but the New Post button was nowhere to be found. So I had to do it on here.

Thank you for your help


Hi John, This is a search on ravelry for an adult man’s vest. The list can be reduced further again by selecting yarn weight, free, yardage etc. Have you joined ravelry.com? Have a browse and remember we’ll be here to help if anything stumps you :grinning:

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Here is a thread on ideas for young men’s knits. Gift ideas for younger men?

It is mostly hats and scarves, snoods, and fingerless mitts.

But you can search this forum for other ideas. There are dish cloths, pot holders, dish towels, socks, lap blankets, shawls, sweaters, or cardigan.

How much challenge do you want?

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I;m just a beginner really I know the basics, which is why I thought of doing a vest, but I could try for something a little bit more difficult. I have seen some patterns that are just way beyond me. Thank you both for the links I really appreciate it/.