Looking for Beatrix potter & magic roundabout

I’m desperately looking for any Beatrix Potter’s patterns designed by Alan Dart .The patterns will NOT be reissued . I saw a few on ebay from UK however the prices are high but everytime ive ordered patterns off ebay they have just been photocopies not originals . Does any one in the UK have these patterns that I could borrow or puchase? Im after the Charachters from the Magic Roundabout and Any Beatrix potter .:heart: :heart:

It’s not exactly what you’re looking for, but I got the patterns for this blanket


from this book

Thanks for the reply .Its the characters Im after . I like to knit dolls etc. The beatrix potter ones i believe are not in print any more nor th emagic roundabout .Ive searched the internet incase any one has uploaded them but to no avail. I ve bought a couple of out of print patterns recently from ebay but the last one i paid £15 and it was just a photocopy !! .I was wondering if anyone had a copy on here thats all .I have also been looking for wizard of OZ dolls ( as you can see by my username ! I love the film ) .:muah:

Are you a member of Ravelry? There are TONS of Beatrix Potter/Alan Dart patterns there.

What I have done in the past, with patterns that are out of print, is to find someone on Ravelry who has knitted the item and then sent them a message asking if they were interested in sharing or selling the pattern.

I have traded skeins of yarn for patterns and purchased books/patterns that people are done with. If you hask nicely they can shoce to help you or ignore you. When a pattern is out of print I don’t think there is any huge ethical moral issue with asking someone to share it.

Hi, never heard of Ravelry but will join ive googled and found it .
Is this it ?https://www.ravelry.com/account/login

You could try just ebay.com.
There seems to be alot of alan dart patterns from the USA that you might want. You could contact the seller and see if they would post to the UK. I do it alot on ebay and etsy. Most people are only happy to help, and it can’t hurt to ask.
Just found: