Looking for an older pattern

Hi there! I’m looking for an older pattern, or even the issue date, and I’m hoping someone here might be able to help. This was a pattern published in vogue knitting. I’ve written to them but they can’t help. I think it was around 1988 or 1989 as that was when I started knitting again. It was a mohair tunic and had knot roses around the collar? Can anyone help with this? I would love to knot one for my niece

Could the sweater becalled "my flowers and pearls sweater?

I don’t think so. There was no beading on the sweater. It was a longer sweater, to the top of the thighs and had knit roses and leaves around the collar. The flower style reminded me of some I’ve seen from nicky Epstein but I can’t find the pattern. I believe the sweater in the pattern was knit in a dark gold mohair.