Looking for an old poncho pattern

Several years ago (like 30+/-) I made my daughter a poncho from a pattern in (probably) McCalls Needlework and Crafts magazine. The pattern was called ( I think) a "Poncho Pull. It was a fairly simple pattern and I hadn’t been knitting for long. It called for Reynolds Lopi yarn, which I couldn’t find, so I used a comparable sized yarn, Aunt Lydia’s cotton rug yarn. The poncho started at the neck, had a row of eyelets for inserting a braided tie with tassels, and there were regular increases and fringe on the lower edge. The top and lower portions were done in a solid color and there was a band across the chest that had a sort of Fair Isle design. My daughter remembers it fondly and we can’t imagine what happened to it, as I have 3 other ponchos made by my mother at least 30-35 years ago.We did move a lot (being an Air Force family) and can only think it was given away, or something. If anyone has any idea about this pattern it would be greatly appreciated to let me know. Thanks in advance, linknit41

Have you tried looking at knitting pattern central? That is the first place that comes to mind. If you are on Ravelry there is a pattern detective group that might be able to help. Good luck on your search!

I found several on Ravelry that seem similar to your description, but not exactly. It’s one of those things though that you could easily make up though.

This style? I saw some on Rav that were plain stockinette, striped, etc.

Here’s another -

These are 2 poncho patterns that I have around .The one on green paper has a drawstring around the neckline. Would either pattern be useful to you? I think they are from the early 1970’s.

As a little girl, I used to look at mom’s patterns, and I always imagined that I could grow up to look like the lady on the Spinnerin popover pattern. Sort of didn’t work out that way!

Thanks to all who sent replies. My daughter is on Ravelry, will have her check. She looked for poncho patterns at some site and picked up a virus!! The ones pictured are way more complicated than the one I made. Thanks again, will keep looking!! linknit41

LInknit: The first one I pictured (the brown one) is REALLY easy to make. I’ve probably made 6 of them. I just did my own color scheme, but used this pattern as a plan for to how many to cast on and how to make the increases. The complication is in all that colorwork.

There are websites that specialize in older/vintage knitting patterns … you could check out some of these sites and see if you recognize the pattern. I took a look at this site… there is a whole section on capes, ponchos and shawls (and several of the patterns are from McCalls).

You can also get vintage back-issues of McCall’s Needlework & Crafts magazine from sites like this one… although you would have to remember which issue you got the pattern from :shrug:

Maybe someone on here has old issues of McCall’s Needlework & Craft magazine that they could flip through (assuming you could narrow down the approximate year) ?

Just a few thoughts …

Did you ever have any luck finding that pattern? I’m looking for their Poncho-pull, which sounds like it may be the same as you’re looking for. And I don’t know the issue, or even the exact year for certain, which makes it difficult to try to order a back issue . . . . (I’m guessing late 60s to very early 70s, but that’s a very broad range.) If you’ve found out anything, I’d sure like to know. Think I’ll try the KP forum too, as they seem to be able to find 'most anything. (I’ve been thru Ravelry, at least the free patterns, and came across something with a similar name, but that was not it.)

Sorry your daughter got a bad site. There sure are some trolls out there who are very happy to pick on us needleworkers.

Can’t believe it – I just found the issue online that I was looking for! Now that I know which it is, I need to rummage in the stacks and see if I still have it. It’s Fall-Winter 71-72, and I found it offered at https://triciasvintagepatterns.ecrater.com/p/7623750/vintage-1971-mccalls-needlework-crafts-boho .