Looking for an identical looking ktog and ssk

Hello! I’m knitting a camisole in silk, which is not so forgiving. I have a M1R Ktog ssk M1L, which I’m liking the detail of, however, the two decreases look different and in silk it’s obvious. Am I making the ssk wrong (slip knit wise, slip purl wise and knit together found on youtube), or can I do something to make the stitch lay neatly like the Ktog?

Thank you for your feedback!

Slip slip knit is worked by slipping both sts knitwise (see video) This may be your problem, hope it helps :smiley:

I actually like to slip kwise, slip pwise and knit the 2 sts together through the back loop. If you give a slight tug to the last stitch off the needle, it evens out the decrease so that it looks more like the k2tog.

Here’s another trick. I haven’t tried this one yet:

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