Looking for an easy bed afghan pattern

I’m new to knitting but I want to make an afghan for my king-size bed using the suede yarn. I just made a scarf using this yarn and my hubby wants an afghan now… should I make squares and then stitch them together when finished? :knitting: thanks for any help!

You could opt to make several really big, long scarves, in one pattern or different ones, and then seam them. You could do the same pattern stitch in diff colors so the afghan would be large stripes. Or, if you opt to do sqs, you’d work X rows in one color, switch to another color for perhap same no of rows, etc. It would look like a long scarf of big, colored blocks. Then you’d make more like that and seam them (to look like checkerboard of sorts). You don’t need to seam each square.

ETA: some easy patts for squares:





The big long scarfs is a great idea! That would be a fun way to practice a bunch of different stitches but has a lot less finishing than a million squares.

That’s a really brave beginner project! You will come out of it a really good knitter with a lot of technique under your belt. Have fun!