Looking for adult knitting pattern version of the Heirloom Knit Baby Blanket

:knitting:Hi my name is Barbara Mudd and I have not been on in quite while due to Medical Problems. Every time I try to go on this forum and try to post something it takes me almost 1 hour to do it and I can confused as to how to get the place that you post something on. If anyone can e-mail me and tell how to get on easier I would appreciate it very much. What I an looking for is the adult version of this #Baby knit Heirloom Blanket". It is a beautiful pattern and you make shell panels. If you want to see what the pattern looks like just go on the web and type in “Heirloom Knit Baby Blanket” and it should come up and it is in the color yellow.If anyone knows how I could enlarge this pattern for an Adult size blanket or afghan or even make it larger to fit a queen size bed that would be great also. I would appreciate any help anyone can give me on this. Hope all is well with everyone. You can contact me at bjmudd@sbcglobal.net Again I thank you for any help on this. Have a great night and day tomorrow. God Bless
Your knitting buddy Barb.:knitting:

It looks like you could just make extra panels, according to the following pattern:

But maybe that’s not the pattern you are using? It looks like a pretty and simple pattern.

Hope that helps!

Hi thank you for replying to my post. That is the pattern that I want to make larger. I was looking at it after I submitted what I was looking for and that is a good idea, I could just keep making them until I get the right size. I think I have a queen size measurements some where. I will have to start looking for it. Again thank you for your help. Matter of fact I have a new great-granddaughter Faith, she is my 5th great-grand and I think I am going to make this blanket for her as well. Have a great weekend. God Bless
Knitty buddy Barb.:knitting:

Barb - I don’t have any advise on the blanket other than what holamis suggested - but I sent you a Private Message…Chris